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SLF's Bootleg Trade Page

Welcome to my trade page. I trade audio & DVD bootlegs from punk and ska bands.

OCTOBER 2009 UPDATE: I ONLY ACCEPT LIMITED TRADES AT THIS TIME. If you have any Mighty Mighty Bosstones or Dropkick Murphys stuff I do not have listed, please contact me. I am definitely interested.
I have a big update to make, including adding all of my audio. This will be sometime before Thanksgiving[late November]. I've been very busy.
Check out my radio show MONDAY nights 12-2AM[GMT -5], playing the best punk, ska, and psychobilly from the 70's to today! Stream it from
I also run a youtube page where I post clips from my DVD's-it's mostly Dropkick Murphys
If you'd like to contact me for a trade, please e-mail

I've started doing some audio taping...I'll get around to posting eventually. I just taped the MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES 13th Hometown Throwdown--all 3 nights of Bosstones, plus DYS and Less Than Jake. If you're interested, get at me!

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